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Chris Bellamy - Artist

Chris Bellamy

Bellamy’s paintings resonate with a supernatural energy, as though from a parallel world, whilst investigating universal themes of time, light and memory. Applying her signature blurring technique of luminous oil layers, trees and forests portray the character and symbolism of dark soldiers guarding a secret meeting lit in the midst of the bush. The viewer may ask… is the light used to illuminate mysterious happenings, good or bad? This ambiguity stimulates the imagination to envisage an awaiting narrative.

Chris Bellamy studied Graphic Design in 1986 and has worked as a freelance illustrator for 25 years for clients in Australia, Europe and North America. The artist’s fine art and sculpture has evolved over the years in between her illustration work. She has worked in many mediums and now employs rich oils to define her paintings in veiled layers of oil glazing.

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