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Mike Worrall – Moving Pictures

$30,000.00 inc. GST

Artist Name: Mike Worrall

Material: Oil on canvas - framed

Dimensions: 140 x 170cm

Artist Bio: Click Here

Each painting celebrates a cultural succession borne of the Renaissance, followed by a dash of Baroque grandeur (think Velasquez), as well as the twentieth century champions of Surrealism – think Magritte and Delvaux – who developed techniques to allow the unconscious mind to express itself and interpret dreams.

Mike Worrall’s skill is to stand at the sensory threshold, that hypothetical border between sumptuous and sinister. His large tableau paintings are maze-like journeys into surreal landscapes and, if the wrong path is taken,who know where it may lead. He invites us to step beyond the threshold into the hinterland of the human soul. Each vignette, each composition, is in itself a perfect still from an unfinished film, perhaps left as a talisman by an obscure film-maker.

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