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Katherine Edwards McCubbin – Snail-Scape

Artist Name: Katie Edwards McCubbin

Material: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 102 x 152cm

Artist Bio: Click Here


Snails, swirls, fountains, flowers – merge and oscillate in a vibrating constellation of floating forms – the artist wants to portray the feeling of looking simultaneously into an immersive universe of water, sky, garden.

A face, ethereal and evocative, emerges from an atmospheric swirl of brushstrokes. A flower blooms as a constellation in the foreground, and the sense of peering into both a microscope, and upon the entire surface of the planet, merges into a playful symphony of spots, dots, & daubs. Welcome to the world of Katherine Edwards McCubbin. A mid-career artist making her emphatic statement, in her own very personal visual language.

Katherine’s pictures combine gestural marks of reduced colour into mythic apparitions, a product of a lifetime of dreaming and exploring the world of interiors, and the broader world of exteriors. Within the exchange of spaces, and the embrace of the physical world, she has found the ethereal, the ambiguities, and the suggestion of so much more.

“Alchemy” draws on a rich vein of Baroque and Beaux Arts influences, motifs and decorative embellishments translated into Katherine’s own visual language. Bernini’s Italian water fountains and sculptures, grottoes and mascarons, festoons, ribbons, and florals, seep into her paintings.

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