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Dayle Bolton – Country Studio

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Artist Name: Dayle Bolton

Material: Oil on linen

Dimensions: 122 x 92cm

Artist Bio: Click Here

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Complexities of the human condition are satirically captured on canvas, hinting at darker themes of alienation and failure.

The theatrically composed works transport us on a journey to explore the profane, and to witness a mythology that is, at once, familiar and strange. Probing and haunting, the carnival of characters tempts the viewer to peep into a voyeuristic world.



The artist’s recent transition from town to country Victoria, is reflected in works such as “Country Studio” (above). Elkie, the pet dog and ever-present ‘muse’ portrayed in the old country cottage Dayle now calls her full-time studio.

In this painting we revel in the whimsical interior composition, delicately textured, sun-bronzed surfaces exposed by the Autumn daylight.  Cheerful delight in her daily art practice is evident in the personal subject matter, especially the detail given to the ethereal bush setting glimpsed through the French door to the left of the artist’s unfinished painting, a subtle reminder of a solitary, yet rewarding life of an artist.

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Dimensions 122 × 92 cm
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