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Dayle Bolton – Indigo

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Artist Name: Dayle Bolton

Material: Oil on linen

Dimensions: 122 x 92cm

Artist Bio: Click Here

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After graduating from RMIT in 1972 and winning The Myer Award for Illustration, Dayle Bolton worked as a freelance illustrator for major national and International retailers and magazines. Notably in London in the 1970’s her illustrations in Vogue featured as full-page advertisements in the press, many of which were later sold as limited edition prints.

Dayle Bolton’s splendidly costumed circus characters are juxtaposed against minimalist backdrops. One might encounter, through Bolton’s classical settings, the solitary moment of a performer behind the curtain stage, or a juggler in full flight, on a wind-swept beach.​​​​​​​ The viewer is immersed in a poignant and nostalgic sensory experience; a tender moment between a circus dog and performer, is captured with gothic references to a bygone era. Complexities of the human condition are satirically captured on canvas, hinting at darker themes of isolation and loss. The theatrically composed works transport us on a journey to explore the profane, and to witness a mythology that is, at once, familiar and strange. Probing and haunting, the carnival of characters tempts the viewer to peep into a voyeuristic world.

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Dimensions 92 × 122 cm
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