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Lihong Zhang - Artist

Lihong Zhang

Lihong Zhang was born in Beijing in 1967 and is based in Melbourne where she works from her city studio.

She completed a bachelor’s degree in design and contemporary painting at The University of Melbourne. The artist developed a love for painting from an early age and  studied at the Beijing Youth Palace, where she won a National Painting Award. Lihong is influenced by Claude Monet and in 2015 she studied impressionist painting for one year in Beijing. Since moving to Melbourne, Lihong has become an active member of the Victorian Artist Society, participating in exhibitions and art fairs.

Lihong’s current series explores the lotus flower as a reflection of her culture and as a subject for further exploration of modern Impression.  The Lotus flower symbolizes the charm of Oriental Zen, peace and harmony. Bringing a fresh interpretation to the impressionist oeuvre, the viewer can observe the delight the artist has for the paint medium, conveyed through a carefully crafted colour palette and emotive brushstrokes. An abstract short-hand portrays the flower in a surreal and ambiguous setting,  without detracting from the plants’ sensual beauty. Hers’ is a singular vision, often completed at night time, the outcome fueled by her dreams and nocturnal thoughts. Lihong draws inspiration from both her cultural influences, of east and west. The artist intends her lotus flower imagery to inspire all of us to persevere despite life’s challenges.

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