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Katie Edwards McCubbin

Katie’s art practice explores the human condition in relation to nature and the enduring, yet, ephemeral cycle of life and death. Her work begins with journal drawings, many of which become studies for larger scale oil paintings, and arranged around such topics as anatomy, self-portraiture, botany, wilderness and anthropomorphism. Antiquity and ancient cultures inspire her work, particularly alchemy and mytho-poetic ideas.

“Recently my art practice has explored the connection between science and art; by tracing the lives of historical women of botany, (empress Josephine Bonaparte who collected Australian exotica), including colonial-era Australian botanist Georgiana Molloy and Olive Pink, who worked with indigenous people to help identify botanical plants and herbs, their discoveries often recorded via journal drawings. My artworks revolve around journaling, pages from my journals describe my relationship to nature and ‘the other’, what is felt, a psychic space, that cannot easily be put into words.”

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