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Luke Wagner – Leachs Cockatoos

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Artist Name: Luke Wagner

Material: Oil on linen

Dimensions: 60 x 45cm

Artist Bio: Click Here

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Although Wagner is renowned for his surreal and stylised landscapes, his work often integrates figurative and still life genres that provide a catalyst to convey his intent.

Born in Hobart in 1962, Luke Wagner is an artist that follows his heart. After initially embarking on a science-based career in the early 1980s, a mix of planned and serendipitous events led to him becoming immersed in the art world. Captivated by his new-found career, Wagner has developed a unique style that reflects the universal, whilst capturing the essence of Tasmania’s haunting landscapes. It incorporates timeless Arcadian moods, imbued with classical echoes that entice the viewer to explore.

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Dimensions 45 × 10 × 60 cm
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