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Graeme Altmann – Returning on a High Tide

Artist Name: Graeme Altmann

Material: oil on linen

Dimensions: 75 x 133cm

Artist Bio: Click Here


My inspiration has been driven by my love and fear of the sea. Rather than reflect traditional qualities of direct observation I endure to emphasize not just what the sea and landscape looks like or what its material qualities might be, but the experience it engenders. My immersive practice reflects on the different languages I adopt and the uses for which I deploy painting and sculptural ideas, which go beyond the purely aesthetic. My paintings emerge through a succession of intuitive yet complex decisions, guided by the internal logic of each composition that is initiated from the first mark. Marine life, Seascapes and Landforms continue to inspire and emerge as part of my enduring artistic language

Melbourne artist Graeme Altmann was born at the end of the Great Ocean Road, where the wind and salt have carved out some of Victoria’s most spectacular coastline. It is the coast that continues to inspire his current series of exquisitely lyrical and painterly works such as, “on the jetty” and “crab nets & jellyfish”

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