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LA ART TOUR July 2021

LA Art Tour

The purpose, apart from being engaging, enlivening and thoroughly entertaining, is to go beyond looking at art, and discover the “feeling” behind it. This exploration is to use Los Angeles as the starting point for delving deep into contemporary American culture through the lense of contemporary, and established art. We can mix the Duchamps, the Goyas and the Gauguins, (they have them by the bucket-load in LA) with the Closes, the Pollocks, and the Lichtensteins. To arrive at an eternal truth, that is perhaps best worth forgetting. The gallery scene in Los Angeles brings together the entire panoply of American art, in a singularly Californian manner. Good art, bad art, indifferent art and artists. This is not just a gallery excursion, but a detailed examination of what lies at the core of this paradoxical super-nova of cultural expression. Where galleries drip with the ‘crème de menthe’ of European art movements, where the sublime, the cerebral and the ridiculous, co-exist. 

About the Host: David McCubbin’s musings about art, architecture, literature and design weave together his eclectic professional background and demonstrate a passion for the physical realm. With a Degree in Fine Arts and a Master of Landscape Architecture from Melbourne University, David is a unique public speaker, offering satirical and razor-sharp observations of the local and international art world. With a depth and breadth of cultural knowledge, partly due to an artistic pedigree – David’s great-grandfather was the celebrated artist Frederick McCubbin – he has (involuntarily) become a custodian of the Melbourne art scene from the 1890’s through to the post-war era explosion of modernism, and contemporary art culture. 

Trip highlights:

  • Explore many of the best galleries in LA
  • Private gallery tours 
  • Meet with gallery & museum curators
  • A private tour of an art collector’s home 
  • Hand-picked artistic highlights at each gallery, carefully narrated and explained by tour host David McCubbin
  • Art purchasing opportunities with expert guidance from Libby Edwards Galleries qualified consultants 
  • Explore a curated selection of LA’s architecture & design highlights and see behind the scenes sights, including an overnight trip to Palm Springs
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